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EasyFill AB (publ).

– Developing smart rotating shelf solutions for convenience, and grocery stores worldwide.

The innovative RotoShelf solutions will increase your sales, save time and reduce costs.

Our patented products help to reduce the time-consuming refilling and fronting of store and cooler shelves to a minimum.

Open front coolers never been better.

“First in – First out” for cooler cases – without a cold storage area behind the cooler!

Cut fill and refill time to a minimum, reduce out of date products and make sure the products are always displayed in the best position – fronted!

Equip the shelves with roller tracks and different types of dividers and front stoppers to suit your product needs; beverages, juices, milk, yogurt and other types of dairy products as well as other types of chilled goods.

The cabinet system with a twist.

Extremely simple and effective filling and refilling; open the door, rotate the shelf, fill, rotate back and close the door.

Available in two versions. Multi and Mono

Ambient store shelves.

A revolution in every sense of the word!

RotoShelf SwingOut an industry first “First in – First out” shelf section for dry products.

Swings open like a door to access the back of the shelf to fill from the back.

Three kinds of innovation.

We are aiming at fulfilling the markets demand for a shelf design with better product display, always fresh products in front and Reduced time for refilling. We aim to reinvent the way to work with three kinds of innovation. Introducing the shelf system with a twist in three product categories.


With focus on simplicity and speed, these ground breaking solutions works perfect in open front display cases.


Revolutionizing the grocery store industry, our store line will change the way to refill your store goods.